Clinical Trial Data Integration: A day in the Life of the New Data Manager

It’s 2020 and with that comes a revolution of sorts, one that requires we change our business processes from outdated EDC plus paper-driven procedures to the eSource world. To clarify, in this paper the concept of eSource means that now we electronically capture data at the point of visit instead of manually capturing it. And even though many of us are using EDCs and such, it is no longer enough.

Clinical Data Integration and Interoperability

The journey of data integration hasn’t been easy. We’re taking it to the future. Go beyond simple data integration, and move to real-time data interoperability.

Frictionless Data for Clinical Innovation: Webinar Part II: “The Patient Is the Source”

In today’s new environment, the Patient has become the central focus and challenge for clinical trials. Dramatic change is underway across the continuum of clinical development as sponsors adapt and adopt strategies for implementing decentralized trials (DCT). The goal of this webinar is to discuss the approaches for implementing this new patient-centric model.

Frictionless Data for Clinical Innovation: Webinar Part I: “Moving Clinical Trials Forward with Digital Innovation in the COVID Era”

The landscape of clinical development has likely been permanently altered by the global pandemic. That means all stakeholders – patients, sponsors, providers, sites, involved in study conduct are now expecting to use built for purpose tools that rapidly capture, analyze, and deliver data. Dynamic data is frictionless.