When the Patient is the Source, Data is More Complex

COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of decentralized trials, which often requires the remote capture of patient vital signs at specific time points. To do this efficiently and have instant access to the data, the direct transfer of data from remote measurement technologies to eClinical systems is necessary. There are an ever-growing number of medical devices that can potentially be used in a DCT. They are all independent and their data will be fragmented. Clinical operations managers need to be able to use the device data and make it interoperable in their clinical trials.

To show how this can be accomplished, representatives from Masimo, Adaptive Clinical Systems, and Bioclinica recently demonstrated the direct connection capabilities established between the Masimo Rad-97 for blood pressure monitoring and Bioclinica EDC via the Adaptive eClinical Bus. Remote patient monitoring devices gather significant amounts of clinical data, but with the Adaptive eClinical Bus, clinical trial leaders can leverage narrow data sets and events needed for the trial without introducing unnecessary data.

Benefits of Incorporating Medical Device Data

Instant stakeholder access to the data

Direct transfer of remote measurement technologies data to other eClinical systems

Resolve fragmented data from independent devices

See Adaptive Clinical’s CEO Sina Adibi demonstrate the capture of remote patient monitoring data into the EDC.

When the Patient is the Source.
Wearables and Patient Monitoring are driving change in eClinical Trials.

Imagine the Interoperability.