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Make Your Clinical Trial Data Actionable Faster

With the Adaptive eClinical Bus, you can quickly go from integration to interoperability across all eClinical tools through cloud-based, intelligent automated middleware that leverages a re-usable connector library. In addition, the Adaptive Clinical Rules Engine intelligently moves and transforms data.

Meet Ben.
Solving today’s data management challenges.


Hi, I’m Ben. I’m today’s clinical data manager. I’m the guy that has to keep everything real when it comes to data. You see, the life sciences industry is undergoing rapid innovation and bringing products to market at an accelerated pace, and that means that organizations, like mine, will have a greater need for improved processes in data exchange. We have to accept the fact that spreadsheets are going away. Watch the video.

Meet Jill.
Managing today’s challenges for clinical operations managers.


Staying agile with expanding and evolving global regulations, increasingly complex patient-centric study models, and increasing scrutiny across all clinical trial data has raised the need to seek a holistic clinical informatics solution. Watch the Video.

Biotech & Pharmaceutical Companies

Adaptive Clinical Systems provides the leading interoperability solution for clinical research. Modernize your clinical trial data flows and APIs from all connected sources in an operational view that allows a comprehensive 360° view.

Across CROs, sites and systems, your teams get the timely information and intelligence they need and want to manage clinical trials holistically.

• Real-time intelligence for risk management, oversight, financial management, safety, and meaningful reporting

• Make your data actionable faster

• Standards-based for interoperability

• Easily implement an eSource data capture workflow

• Reusable SaaS components for quick installation

• Operationalize, don’t just visualize with Adaptive DataVIEW

• Automate processes with built-in clinical intelligence using the Adaptive Rules Engine

• Optimize your eClinical investment – you choose your partners and the Adaptive eClinical Bus brings you ultimate control with empowering insights

• Deliver accurate, efficient and fully validated data compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and HHS 45 CFR Part 164, and other regulatory guidelines