Imagine the Interoperability

Your sponsors expect their partners to be best in class. To keep a competitive edge, it takes more than just delivering clinical trial services well. You must do it better – faster – smarter. Executing clinical trial operations for smart execution must include best-in-class technology. Smarter means eliminating manual processes, data silos, and errors but what about freedom to choose the best tools for your study without the need for complex and expensive integration projects or extra training?

Clinical trial industry experts at Adaptive Clinical Systems created the only proven technology that lets you quickly go from integration to interoperability across all eClinical tools through cloud-based, intelligent automated middleware that leverages a re-usable connector library, clinical rules engine intelligently moving and transforming data, fully validated and compliant with CFR 21 Part 11.


You get:

  • Rapid study startup using our robust study setup tool 
  • Truly real-time intelligence for risk management, oversight, financial management, and meaningful reporting 
  • Secure and accurate data through automatic data checks, validation rules and optional data-coding features that save time and reduce errors 
  • Peace of mind knowing that your data is housed in the strictest compliance with all privacy and security provisions and detailed audit logs 
  • Pay-as-you-go method enabling you to maintain little to no IT overhead between studies

Demand Adaptive Clinical Systems for your important clinical trial management.  Imagine the interoperabilityTM.



We deliver accurate, efficient, and validated data interoperability with the flexibility to use the best software tools for your study.


  • Fully validated platform with detailed audit logs & reports 
  • Fully compliant with HIPAA, GxP, & 21 CFR Part 11 
  • Standards-based for interoperability 
  • Easily implement an eSource data capture workflow 
  • Reusable SaaS components for quick installation 
  • Adaptive rules engine offers built-in clinical intelligence.