Gain More Insights

Shifting your perspective from silo to strategic means streamlining your clinical trial integration workflow to become a trusted clinical solution partner. Our versatile and flexible solution connects to any data source and destination. This means faster study set up and easy integration implementation so your programmers and data managers can stay focused on what’s important – turning vital clinical data into insights . APIs and integration are not enough.

Clinical trial industry experts at Adaptive Clinical Systems created the only proven technology that lets you quickly go from integration to interoperability across all eClinical tools through cloud-based, intelligent automated middleware that leverages a re-usable connector library, clinical rules engine intelligently moving and transforming data, fully validated and compliant with FDA CFR 21 Part 11.

You get:

  • Does not require that you have well defined APIs or even be standards based. The Bus integrates with your platform natively with no work needed on your part. We do all the work.
  • The Bus acts as your “universal compatibility” gateway. With a single connection to your platform developed by us you can now push and pull data from any other eClinical tool bi- directionally and in real-time and know that you can now be competitive in RFP responses.
  • Free your developers from the chores of maintaining any DIY connectors.
  • Rely on a fully validated platform that complements your CFR21 PART 11 platform.

Demand Adaptive Clinical Systems for your important clinical trial management.  Imagine the interoperability®. We deliver accurate, efficient, and validated data interoperability with the flexibility to use the best software tools for your study.

  • Your customer will see enhanced functionality of your tools interoperating effectively with their legacy or proprietary systems.
  • Partner now with other third-party tools along with Adaptive to offer a full end-to-end comprehensive solution to your prospects.
  • Rest assured that you are collaborating with a partner with tenure and experience.