Adaptive Clinical Systems™ is an eClinical Technology Solutions provider and “Problem-Solver” providing EDC to CTMS integration and data flow improvements in your clinical trials.

Through our innovative Adaptive eClinical Bus® solution, our focus is on helping improve clinical trial operations through interoperability. The Adaptive eClinical Bus® gives our clients the freedom to choose the best eClinical tools of any third-party or proprietary systems while enjoying the benefits of a fully integrated system.

popoverUse the Best Software Tools for Your Study.

Freedom to Choose the Best Clinical Trial Tools

The Adaptive eClinical Bus includes “connectors” for leading clinical trial software from well-known vendors such as BioClinica, Medidata, and Clinical Conductor; open source clinical trial tools such as OpenClinica and Clinovo; and popular EMR/EHR tools from EPIC, PointClickCare, and others.

Leverage Your Proprietary Systems

Leverage your proven, internally-developed and proprietary systems and retain your competitive edge.  Adaptive Clinical’s eClinical Bus can easily integrate your technology into an interoperable, efficient, and accurate clinical trials system that streamlines your processes and improves data reliability.

Use Adaptive Clinical’s Tools

Don’t have tools or don’t want to go to the expense of acquiring them? Adaptive Clinical includes class-leading open source tools that will provide you with all of the functionality you need to easily and quickly get started.   Use all of Adaptive Clinical’s tools, or replace some or all of them with your own.

Integrate Clinical Management and Analysis Tools

Analysis tools such as Spotfire and Qlik, statistical tools such as SAS and SPSS, and clinical trial management tools (CTMS) such as Clinical Conductor and IMPACT are all easily connected to the Adaptive eClinical Bus for improved clinical data integration.

Adaptive Rules Engine – Not Just Edit Checks

Apply your clinical “know-how” to build clinical intelligence into your system and minimize the risks of human error that come with re-entering data from multiple sources. You can further customize rules by building clinical derivations and data thresholds, making efficient use of subject matter experts on your staff.

Connectors to Integrate Your Tools

Integrate proprietary and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools and leverage your existing in-house investments, enabling you the freedom to choose the best tools for your study without the need for complex and expensive integration projects. The Adaptive eClinical Bus easily integrates all leading EDC (eg, Medidata, BioClinica, OpenClinica, etc.), CTMS (eg, IMPACT, BioOptronics, etc.), and Medical Imaging and Analysis tools (eg, Siemens, MintLesion, etc.).

Simplified Workflow

  • Easily track and maintain events and visits in complex studies
  • Single-source subject information avoids data duplication
  • View study progress in one integrated dashboard
  • Tightly integrate patient and investigator reimbursements with eCRF creations in your EDC

Rapid Study Startup

  • Quickly identify subjects that meet study inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Directly import demographic information
  • Easily map routine visit data into eCRF’s

Reduce Data Management Overhead

  • Maintain 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance across all interconnected modules
  • Eliminate the need for source data verification
  • Streamline risk-based Monitoring and eliminate unnecessary site visits
  • Achieve clinical data integration without the need to reenter information

Imaging Integration

  • Single source of imaging data
  • Native support for both DICOM and proprietary imaging standards
  • Support for Criteria ranging from RECIST through mWHO and Cheson

Leverage Real-time Analytics

  • Adaptive eClinical Bus enables continuous updates for analytics tools
  • Up-to-the-minute views of study data
  • Easily set up a live link to your sponsor for study data transmissions

Direct Data Capture

  • Direct integration with medical device data collectors
  • Capture device calibration information in eCRF’s at the time of evaluation
  • Seamlessly integrate with lab instruments

Seamless Web & Voice Interface

  • Reduce transcription errors and avoid complicated data imports/exports
  • Easily relay randomization information from IVR/IWRS to EDC/CTMS
  • Aggregate ePRO reports as single eCRF in EDC

Medical Coding Module

  • Support for mass coding facility of CRF data
  • Smart coding suggests the most appropriate codes from a terminology base
  • Terminology Browser displays terms in a hierarchical view with options to browse, view term details, and select term codes
  • Powerful search with fuzzy matching capabilities and intuitive, quick queries
  • Coding supports any version of MedDRA terminology in any officially supported language

Which eClinical Trial systems do you use?

Discover all the Partners that the eClinical Bus® Integrates with!

Integration Partners

Terminology Module

Enhances uniformity and accuracy of data capture by standardizing medical terminology (eg, MedDRA, IDC-10, etc.).

Mass coding for CRF data, using a single screen to display CRF data that are not coded, and are available. The system will propose the most appropriate codes from a terminology base. Coding can be done for multiple data items in one session.

The Terminology Browser displays terms in a hierarchical view with options to browse, view term details, select term codes, and use powerful search with fuzzy matching capabilities and intuitive quick queries. Can verify coded data to confirm and accept codes prior to export of verbatim and coded data. Coding may be performed using any version of MedDRA terminology in any officially supported language, with possibilities to use different versions per study or switch during implementation. MedDRA versions imported from officially released ASCII files with as little as two clicks.

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