A Time for Giving Thanks!

This time last year, we were sharing warm ideas of why we were thankful, and as 2021 comes to a close, we again look back on the year. We are amazed at the many challenges so many of us have faced around the world. We hope you are seeing positive changes in your life.
With the many disasters, and the ongoing struggles with COVID19, food insecurity continues to be one of the greatest challenges facing the world. Adaptive Clinical has made a contribution to World Central Kitchen (wck.org), a group devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters.
Giving back always begins at home for us, and as such, we have also made donations and volunteered our time to food banks and organizations that work to help those in need.
Just as addressing food insecurity is a serious need, so too is medical care insecurity. This holiday season we’d like to introduce you to Kits4Life, a non-profit initiative by MedSurplus Alliance (https://www.medsurplusalliance.org). Kits4Life repurposes non-used clinical trial lab kits for humanitarian aid. Regulations require that all unused clinical trial lab kits be destroyed. These kits can provide life-saving medical supplies to those in need worldwide. The time and expense of preparing and then destroying these kits is wasted and meaningless.”


Numerous industry stakeholders helped develop Kits4Life including, IQVIA, the Society for Clinical Research Sites, Janssen, UST Global, Eli Lilly, Labcorp Drug Development, Sanofi, Q2 Solutions, Deaconess Health System, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation, Bayer, Roche, and the MedSurplus Alliance. To learn more about how you can work with this group, please click here to see the Donation Portal (https://www.medsurplusalliance.org/copy-of-request-or-donate-products)
As we look to 2022, we hope that we might see you in person again at an industry conference, and that we will continue to provide the services that allow for the best of breed solutions and research that fuel our industry. We hope that our work together continues to fuel change and improve lives. Thank you for being a part of our year. We really enjoyed everyone’s favorite songs last year. Please share with us a song that brings you joy or uplifted you this year. We’ll share the music links with everyone in our Thankfulness Blog again this year. Submit your idea below.










What Thanksgiving Means to Us

At Adaptive Clinical Systems, we really enjoy Thanksgiving. We take the time to step back and focus on what we have accomplished and reflect on the moments that brought us joy this year. We are very thankful that so many of our friends took the time to share with us what they have valued most this year as well. Our reach was truly global with submissions from more than one country. The depth and breadth of the responses was truly inspiring.

We received some favorite songs, favorite memories, and many reasons to give thanks. And more than one person commented, “Spending time with family is what Thanksgiving is simply about.” All submissions are anonymous, but I think many of you will find we have so much in common.

Messages Memories Music


You’ve Got a Friend In Me ♫

Wildfire ♫

You’ve Got a Friend ♫


Thank you for the tremendous feedback and participation in our Giving Thanks Raffle.

We have selected 5 winners and have reached out to them directly. The big quandary for us was that each memory, each thankful message and song all meant something special to us. We are thankful for each of you who shared “The Meaning of Thanksgiving” and helped us write this community blog. This blog would not be the same without your support. We are feeling blessed and thankful. Be safe and enjoy your family time.

Happy Thanksgiving,
The Adaptive-Clinical Systems Team