SCDM Virtual: A Pioneering Event for the Society!

SCDM Virtual: A Pioneering Event for the Society! SCDM members, staff and conference organizers need kudos for reimagining the virtual conference! The opportunities to network, see sessions and experience the best of SCDM was pioneering! The virtual environment embodied the conference goals of Communicate, Explore and Pioneer. Our team at Adaptive Clinical had a great time communicating with other exhibitors and sponsors, as well as meeting new leaders from the industry. The platform facilitated interactions whether one-on-one, within sessions or in the Pitch Contest. This was an engaging virtual venue!


Our CEO and Founder, Sina Adibi, was a panelist in the pioneer program area. Session 26 was Wednesday, September 16 th – “Innovating in Real- Time – Keys to Running a Successful Decentralized Clinical Trial!”  You can see the replay here!
If you missed the session, this was a great look at decentralized trials. If you are interested in privacy, data flows and new challenges in data management, this is a terrific session! “With the patient as the source, we need to make it easy for patients to remain compliant.” “Frictionless data is important when you look at the significance of getting data to traverse the network. Data is your currency. Delays cannot be tolerated. Automate. Automate. Automate.”


Thank you, SCDM, for an excellent conference! We agree with the conference organizers that we are truly seeing SCDM members blazing the trail of data management and evolving into data sciences. The great opportunity is to visit additional sessions post-show! There is so much thought leadership available to all members. Adaptive Clinical found the conference energizing, and innovative!
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