We’re back!
Medrio EXPLORE 2019 was well attended with twice as many participants as last year. As first-time sponsors, we found the attendees to be very engaged and committed to learning how to improve accuracy and quality of their clinical trial data gathering using Medrio EDC, Medrio eSource, Medrio eConsent, and Medrio Direct Data Capture.

The expansion in the conference is no surprise. Medrio has grown over 30% YoY with a prospect of continuing this growth into the new year, with significant growth overseas in addition to the US. They are partnering with Deep Intelligent Pharma in China which will enable them to expand in that lucrative market.

Lisa Henderson, Editor of Applied Clinical Trials, outlined a number of major trends in clinical trials.

  • 61% of the sponsors are NOT the top 50 Pharma.
  • 60% of FDA approvals correspondingly went to first-time companies.
  • The success rate is still hovering around the 10% mark as it has been for years.
  • The outsourcing market currently stands at $80B with a 9% YoY growth. (Site Management, Monitoring and Data Management (EDC sweet spot) are the most frequently outsourced functions.)

Mike Novotny, Founder CEO of Medrio shared additional major trends in the global clinical trials market such as:

  • Increase in number of clinical trials worldwide driven by novel drug research as well as medical devices which leads to increased outsourcing to CRO’s.
  • Concurrently, clinical trial activity is trending away from the US towards the EU and Asia, perhaps due to easier approvals from regulatory bodies.
  • A shift toward EU and Asia means skills shortages in clinical trials across the globe.
  • Increase in demands for significant efficiencies through digitalization, AI, Virtual Trials and Real-world evidence among others.
  • A large number of trials causes strain to organizations who need enough skilled staff; vendors who can ease staffing requirements will prosper.

Medrio is addressing this demand for efficiencies through their EDC, eSource, eConsent, and Direct Data Capture offerings.

In the keynote speech, Mike outlined Medrio’s focus in the clinical trials market. He featured an interesting slide “The Promise of eSource,” shown above. The fluid interconnection of various data sources and systems without requiring manual intervention is key to introducing the badly needed efficiencies that both Mike and Lisa noted during their talks. Medrio intends to play a significant role there.

The balance of the conference consisted of drill-down of case studies on how Medrio and its expanding product suite can help specific scenarios confronting data managers. Even though the conference was geared towards front-line users of the Medrio suite, we think that there is room for executives to attend and get a first-hand appreciation of this eClinical vendors take on their market.

As sponsors, we were delighted to be present. As the interoperability partner to Medrio, the Adaptive eClinical Bus® is positioned right to help propel Medrio users to remove integration as an obstacle and enable easy transfer of data to and from all the third-party sources of data that still need to be collected and maintained, operationally, in a clinical trial.