Adaptive Clinical Systems, a provider of cloud-hosted services that offer true interoperability and data integration with any third-party system, has partnered with Medidata, an eClinical software as a service (SaaS) company providing clinical professionals with an end-to-end solution for research collaboration in clinical trials. As partners, the organizations will further expand integration options between the Medidata Rave RTSM and other third-party eClinical systems.

The partnership will help solve the problem of disconnected systems and error-prone manual processes that create complexity for sponsors and can put study data, and ultimately patients, at risk. It represents a digital transformation with Adaptive Clinical Rules Engine® in support of artificial intelligence and real-world analytics.

Rave RTSM mitigates risks with a unified RTSM built on Rave EDC. Now, in conjunction with the Adaptive eClinical Bus®, that power will extend to other tools as well. With a unified eClinical ecosystem centered on Rave EDC and Rave RTSM solution, clinical trial data is centrally located and available on-demand. Rave RTSM eliminates the laborious and costly programming required by old-style interactive voice response technology systems, allowing managers to make in-progress changes faster and leverage self-generating specification output. Rave RTSM offers flexible deployment models for single studies or enterprise-level solutions with new functionality and no extra cost.

The Adaptive eClinical Bus® enables any organization, including those with limited infrastructure, to seamlessly integrate Rave RTSM with any third-party CTMS, eTMF, medical imaging system, or any other eClinical solution.

Software integration has become essential in clinical research. With a single clinical trial today often utilizing many eClinical systems, frequently from different vendors, organizations that use manual double data entry to transfer data between systems make that data increasingly vulnerable to error and put their studies at risk. By automating this process, the Adaptive eClinical Bus® interoperability enables organizations to better ensure data quality and, importantly, shorten study timelines.

About Medidata

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