Sina Adibi, CEO of Adaptive Clinical Systems participated by kicking off another panel discussion. The speaker is addressing the use of metrics to manage vendors. Key Takeaway: start with the questions you want to answer, then determine what to measure. And if you won’t use it, why measure it?

As we look back at SCOPE 2020, the world has changed drastically since then, and now, more than ever, clinical research is top of mind for the public as we as an industry work to overcome the COVID-19 outbreak. We are happy to see the show continuing to demonstrate growth in biopharma and medical device R&D. There was a strong emphasis on data, clinical trial interoperability and various opportunities to accelerate and augment operations while significantly improving data oversight and analytics.

To Summarize:

● It is harder to build an eClinical interoperability solution that as Device/eClinical tool vendors are recognizing need more interoperability with other vendors.

● All things data, interoperability, monitoring, AI/big data, are a major area of focus.

● Operationalizing is hard – a company will “hire a couple/few programmers” and a year or year and one-half later, realize the team didn’t really know what it was doing. This is the most obvious, and common risk.

●Big Pharma is launching major initiatives across functions in data integration. Bad Data is the hardest risk to see. Good data to make the best decisions is important and recognized. Pharma and biotech companies have their areas of expertise, the eClinical tool vendors theirs as well. Collaboration is key amongst partners to deliver on the promise of innovating clinical data operations.

Other exciting events happened as we exhibited and raffled off TUMI luggage gift cards, and we hosted a private dinner at Orlando’s TU TU Tango for some food, fun, and art. CEO Sina Adibi chaired the Friday 2/21 event “Managing Outsourced Clinical Trials-Vendor Oversight: metrics, KPSs and ICH E6 R2!


Adaptive Clinical Systems offers a simple, secure, validated, compliant, and cost-effective solution for clinical data integration.  For organizations struggling with integration of clinical study data from multiple systems and platforms, the Adaptive eClinical Bus, a cloud-based hosted service, will integrate with any EDC, eCOA, CTMS, Medical Imaging, IRT, analytical/data visualization and other systems to ensure accurate and efficient transfer of clinical data for any study of any complexity. Please visit  for more information.