Outsourcing in Clinical Trials.
Virtual Conference USA 2020: Our Take.

Adaptive Clinical was a sponsor of the Arena International event, “Outsourcing in Clinical Trials USA – Virtual Conference.” Just like most conferences this year, we had more discussion around virtual conferences and virtual trials. And as with time, we are all getting better at being virtual! Most of the participants we interacted with said that the third quarter was challenging, but that activity was picking up. There is a combination of cautious optimism as suspended projects restart and new studies begin. This is tempered by an awareness of the uptick in COVID cases and a possible new round of slowdowns.

When The Patient is the Source

Numerous sessions discussed how sponsors and CROs are meeting the challenges posed when the patient is the source, but face-to-face site interactions aren’t possible. EMR to EDC was a significant topic, especially around how best to leverage available tools.
As part of the theme of virtual and data, there is a high level of interest in wearables, monitoring devices, and other patient centric devices. The rising concern is how to use them effectively.
 Does the patient actually know how to operate the device?
 How should remote monitoring be incorporated into trials?
 Where and when are they not appropriate?


Virtual isn’t necessarily about just giving the patient a device. In some cases, the patient still needs to be seen in person. What resources are available to make this happen?

 Home visits
 Alternative locations (e.g. not necessarily a traditional research site)
 Telehealth visits


 It’s all about the Data!

Data science. Data analytics, Disparate data sources. Several sessions covered the rapid acceleration in the use of powerful analytics tools, AI/ML, and visualizations to drive DCT, patient engagement, and safety monitoring.


What we learned – Experience True Interoperability!

To quickly leverage new tools in virtual or digital trials, the Adaptive eClinical Bus® solution helps improve clinical trial operations through interoperability. The Adaptive eClinical Bus® gives our clients the freedom to choose the best eClinical tools of any third-party or proprietary systems while enjoying the benefits of a fully integrated system. We enjoyed sharing information about our solution with other attendees. To learn more about our solutions, download our brochure.