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The FDA is interested in clinical data interoperability. Shouldn’t you be?
Join us for our FREE webinar:

Improve Your Clinical Trial Operation through EHR/EMR Integration

November 12, 2015  |  2:00 – 2:30 PM EDT

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In this free and informative webinar, you will learn how the Adaptive eClinical Bus provides you with all of the benefits cited by the FDA in their 2013 guidance on ‘‘Electronic Source Data in Clinical Investigations’’ including:

  • Eliminating duplication of data by capturing & transmitting electronic source data
  • Auto-populating electronic study forms from EHRs
  • Reducing transcription errors and improving the quality of data
  • Encouraging entering source data at the point of care
  • Facilitating remote monitoring of data to reduce the number of onsite visits
  • Improving site monitoring to minimize the need for cross-reference data in multiple sources
  • Making it easier for investigators to conduct clinical research
  • Facilitating the inspection and reconstruction of clinical investigations by FDA

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