Innovating in Real-Time – Keys to Running a Successful Decentralized Clinical Trial

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM Panel Discussion


Sina Adibi | President and CEO Adaptive Clinical Systems

Judy Moeller | Global Data Management Specialist, Johnson & Johnson

Manny Vazquez | Senior Manager, Clinical Data Management, PRA Health Sciences

Christopher Genovese | Principal Software Engineer, PRA Health Sciences


In recent years, the idea of running site-less, decentralized trials, aka virtual trials, has been discussed at length with many theories posited as to how such a trial would be executed, the systems that would be utilized, and how traditional team roles would fit into this evolving paradigm. In 2020, the rubber has met the road with numerous decentralized trials in process including an industry-first, indication-seeking trial.

This session will bring together individuals from various functional areas involved in running these trials to discuss the roadblocks that have been encountered and the innovative solutions being employed, often in real-time, to implement these trials successfully.

We will discuss how the theories of the past few years have translated into the real world, share experiences and lessons learned. A prime focus will be on the newest warrior to enter the arena of the project-level team, Information Technology. Suddenly, IT specialists without prior protocol experience are being thrust front-and-center to develop innovative, trial-specific data flow solutions and pushing data integration technology to the limit.

As these trials become more commonplace, the goal of this session is to ensure our industry colleagues are informed of what is currently happening on the ground, discuss the solutions and come away better prepared to remove roadblocks and successfully execute a decentralized trial when it inevitably comes their way.