Moving Clinical Trials Forward with Digital Innovation in the COVID Era

Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 2:00pm - 2:45pm

Moderator: David Williams - President, Health Business Group

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  • How frictionless clinical data empowers clinical innovation
  • What new challenges arise in a decentralized environment
  • How do we address them and why is it so important now in this hybrid "in-person to virtual" setting


  • Temitope Keyes - VP, Business Development, Adaptive Clinical Systems
  • Mark Mann - Principal Consultant, The Oxenham Group
  • Bob O'Hara - Managing Partner, ResultWorks, LLC

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • Trial types – what model will ensure the highest quality data, patient engagement, and site performance?
  • Data sources – what modalities (e.g. mHealth) will best enable the capture and reporting of relevant endpoints, critical safety data, and defined KPIs/KRIs
  • Technological innovations – what novel tools and platforms can be deployed to facilitate the speed, adaptability, and visibility required when sites, patients, and systems are diffuse?

The landscape of clinical development has likely been permanently altered by the global pandemic. Concepts like decentralized trials (DCT), adaptive designs, and mHealth are moving from possibility to necessity. Concurrently, the regulatory landscape is shifting as new guidance, ICH E6 (R3) and E8 (R1), are putting technology at the core of best practices to address the ever increasing complexity of developing new treatments globally. That means all stakeholders – patients, sponsors, providers, sites, involved in study conduct are now expecting to use built for purpose tools that rapidly capture, analyze, and deliver data. Dynamic data is frictionless. It is seamlessly aggregated, integrated, and interoperable so trials can be designed and conducted with maximum flexibility.