Consider the Cloud for Your Clinical Trial Systems

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While leveraging the cloud for advanced clinical trial systems once seemed like a “pie-in-the-sky” concept (pun definitely intended), with today’s technology, cloud computing is a practical and pragmatic way to approach housing, managing, analyzing, and sharing clinical trial data.  And even though technology has caught up to make cloud clinical systems a more common standard, the way the systems are setup or integrate is anything but standard.

cloud-computingIt’s interesting to think that if you simply want to combine EDC, ePRO and CTMS then you can do so by elementally sharing a common database and login. But we know, as savvy clinical trial operations seek true interoperability and seamless real-time data sharing, that you indeed want more.  But as Michael Payne points out in the article The future of cloud clinical systems, Michael Crayne, a Healthcare IT Consultant points out, “In a perfect world all data would be recorded only once and readily retrievable from anywhere by its unique identifier.

It’s here, in the effort toward achieving a truly interoperabile clinical trial operation, where cloud computing truly shines.  With the help of the cloud, these systems have proven to include:

  • Increased flexible – especially for growing clinical trial operations with fluctuating bandwidth demands
  • Enhanced disaster recovery and software updates, due to a more synchronous data flow
  • More collaboration and less manual entry points, minimizing the probability of human error
  • Increased integration potential for new software and solutions

At the end of the day, whether its through the use of web hooks, social linking, the direct integration of EHR systems or the use of IoT sensors, cloud computing systems make a big impact when it comes to the sharing and distribution of clinical trial data. Taking it one step further, if you are in need of a true interoperable operation, considering a proven cloud solution that’s housed in strictest compliance with all privacy and security provisions of HIPAA, GxP, and 21 CFR Part-11. Detailed audit logs and reports allow your DM and QA staff to maintain rigorous oversight of all data at any time.  Consider Adaptive Clinical System’s eClinical Bus® platform.

About Adaptive Clinical

Adaptive Clinical Systems is a US-based eClinical Technology Solutions provider and “Problem-Solver” founded by the original development team of a major eClinical informatics provider. Through our innovative Adaptive eClinical Bus® solution, our focus is on helping improve clinical trial operations through interoperability. The Adaptive eClinical Bus® gives our clients the freedom to choose the best eClinical tools of any third-party or proprietary systems while enjoying the benefits of a fully integrated system.

Our clinical as well as technology savvy staff are spread across two continents (North America and Europe). We provide “same-time-zone” coverage and support for North America, South America, Europe, and most of Asia.

To learn how Adaptive Clinical Systems can help improve the interoperability of your clinical trials and help streamline your clinical trial process, click here.

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